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Israeli’s economy is growing at a fast rate with the development of innovative global and technological trends that change the corporate reality and the organizational environment.

Organizations are required to make creative adjustments and changes and to work under conditions of uncertainty, in order to effectively move forward towards the future and continue to create value for customers. Whether a growing startup company or a large veteran corporation, every organization requires ERA’s professional and unique support.

Throughout the years of its activity, ERA has supported many organizations in the corporate sector, in a variety of processes:

  • Organizational consultancy and development including leading internal change processes, consultancy for strategic processes for CEOs and directors, and  specific units in the organization.
  • Development and training programmes for employees’ managers in the organization, including talent in designated professions such as the engineering professions.
  • Improvement and management of  work processes: from assistance in management of the daily work processes and up to definition of work procedures and rodmap of core activities in the organization.
  • Selection and Assessment processes: helpingorganizations in identification, selection and placement of employees in various positions, and leading inhouse assessment centres for promotion purposes.
  • Execution of employees and customers surveys to examinelevel and characteristics of satisfaction with regards to work processes, organizational culture, attitudes, within the framework of the organizational development processes.

All of ERA’s support and consultancy activity is based on an integrative perception which combines various methods and fields from the world of organizational behaviour, to ensurethe best customer customization.

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