ERA leads change in the Defence Industry

Since its foundation, ERA has helped Managers and CEO’s in the defence industry and big security entities in Israel, to lead processes of organizational change and improvement. . ERA has a comprehensive understanding of the defence field and the unique challenges that characterize this sector.

Based on this experience, during the past decade ERA has led broad-based strategic and organizational consultancy processes and assisted defence industries in profoundly improving their  effectiveness, productivity and overall revenue.

ERA consults security entities and defence industries in the following fields:

  • Strategic and organizational consultancy: leading change processes , work policies and procedures, consultancy for senior management
  • Organizational excellence: streamlining processes and work interfaces with emphasis on matrix work procedures, work methods and methodology improvement and information systems optimization
  • HR Development: talent management, managerial development programs, technical management reserve, employee evaluation and appraisal.

Defence entities, corporates, government ministries, government bodies, the public sector, Municipalities, international, third sector.

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