ERA’s Excellence

ERA Excellence is a tool for promoting excellence in organizations

ERA Excellence aspires to bring the organization to excellence in all areas, by streamlining processes and work interfaces, improvement of methods and methodologies and creation of optimization of the information systems.

ERA Excellence is led by consultants and industrial management engineers with considerable experience in the fields of process and methods, in a range of industries and markets. As such, we provide our customers with creative, efficient and practical solutions customized to their organizational resources and potential, with close support during the project, starting from the initiation stage and up to the implementation stage in practice.

ERA Excellence includes diverse and numerous tools which are defined and customized for each customer pursuant to its needs and objectives such as

Analysis of loads and activities

Sound order of engineering and implementation of development in the organization

Layout and implementation of service perception and customer experience

Improvement and streamlining of work processes

Re-planning of organizational information system mapping

Characterization and implementation of information systems

Establishment or update of procedures

Definition of measurements, targets and control processes

Characterization and writing of tenders

Support of cost reduction processes in the organization

Development of work programs and creation of infrastructures for follow up and monitoring

Support for companies in growth processes in development of an organizational infrastructure

ERA Excellence added valuederives from the fact that it is interwoven with the organizational consultancy processes which ensure implementation of our integrative vision that guides ERA in all its activitie

All this, with the objective of improving the performance of the organization, encouragement of operational excellence and increase of profitability.

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