ERA for HR

The HR Manager performs as the supporting pillar between employees and management. As such,  they bear one of the most challenging and sensitive positions existing in every organization. HR management  deals with complex tasks relating to the  human asset, which constitutes the most significant expense in the organization.

ERA has a range of tools and solutions for supporting HR managers, based on extensive experience and comprehensive organizational knowhow in diverse companies and industries underlining the need for a ‘can do’ approach to changes in the corporate and organizational world. Our  solutions scheme is customized precisely to the needs of the organization, to the needs of the HR manager and to the ongoing challenges they face on a daily basis.

Era provides:

  • Organizational consultancy and development: from leading strategic processes and up to development of specific units in the organization.
  • Employee Selection and assessment: assisting HR managers in assessing, selecting and placing employees of various ranks, and leading internal selection processes fowith regards to promotion
  • Training and development for managers: from developing internal training systemsand programms for HR units and up to training programs execution in practice
  • Improvement of Work processes and methods i : from assistingmanagement improving daily work processes and up to definition of procedures and work processes in the organization.
  • Execution of internal and external surveys to examine satisfaction of employees/customers and examination of internal and external processes in the organization, within the framework of the organizational development processes

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