Organizational Survey

An organizational survey is a tool enabling receipt of a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative situation report, of employees’, customers’ and suppliers attitudes towards the organization, the and its processes, thus enables  precise identification of aspects of strength alongside aspects requiring action. The organizational survey constitutes a strategic instrument for decision making, and provides significant and speedy results for organizational issues. An accurate and structured survey process, enables management to make well-founded decisions, to act more clearly and provide an appropriate and relevant solution for the organization’s needs.

Amongst the types of surveys provided by ERA:

  • Organizational climate
  • Attitudes of employees, customers and suppliers
  • Internal and external customer satisfaction
  • Organizational training processes feedback

The survey processe include several stages which starts with initial characterization and establishment of internal steering teams, through conduction of the survey to the target population ,collection and processing of the  data. Presentation of the survey’s findings is accompanied by our team of consultants and includes coordination of an action plan for handling problematic issues that were identified, and facilitating implementation processes in order to achieve organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

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